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Think you can’t afford a boat? Think again!’s “Budget Planner” shows you how buying a boat costs less than participating in many other popular family leisure activities

Did you ever want to buy a boat, but decided against it because you thought it was too expensive? Well, perhaps it’s time to reconsider.

As it turns out, buying a boat is actually a lot more affordable than people think. Let’s do the math: The average six day theme park vacation costs a family of four approximately $3,100 over the course a year (or $258 per month).

That same family can own a $15,000 boat for as little as $158 a month, with an entire summer to spend on the water for $100 less (per month) than the week’s vacation.

Still not entirely convinced it’s possible? Let’s examine the proof. These figures were generated by the Budget Planner, a tool introduced on the Web site in spring 2008 and designed to address consumer requests for more information about the affordability of boating as a family activity. The Budget Planner combats one of the great misconceptions about boating — that it’s too expensive for the average family.

The tool allows you to visit DiscoverBoating. Com and compare the cost of boat ownership to several other popular family leisure activities, including taking week-long, out-of-town vacations, attending professional sporting events, going camping or Rving, and maintaining membership at a golf club (to name just a few). Once crunched the numbers, the proof was in the pudding. The Budget Planner debunks the age-old “expensive” myth and demonstrates that owning a boat is actually within reach of most American families.

Historically, boating has a perception of being elitist; it’s something only ‘rich’ people do. But as you walk the boat show floor, you’ll see boats of all types and sizes — and in every price range.

Many people incorrectly assume boating is reserved for the affluent, when in reality three out of four owners of the 18 million boats on the water today have a combined household income of less than $100,000.

Every day, families all around the country, in small towns and big cities, in bow riders, pontoons, houseboats and go-fast boats, all find ways to enjoy the boating lifestyle without breaking the bank. Whether you currently own a boat or not, it’s interesting to see these cost comparisons.

Too many people don’t realize how affordable boat ownership can be.

So for all you boat owners (and wannabe boat owners) out there trying to justify the expense of your favorite pastime to the so-called ‘skeptics’ (a.k.a. your spouse), fear not.

You now have definitive proof your money’s being well spent. Try out the Budget Planner on DiscoverBoating. Com and see for yourself.

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