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Mini Scuba Tank for 5-10 Minutes of U...

Mini Scuba Tank

We all want to ride this FAST!!!

We All Want to Go This Fast!

We Must Know About The Retro-Reflecti...

We Must Know About The Retro-Reflective Material For Lifesaving Equipment
Sometimes we think that we are safe when we buy lifesaving equipments, but not all of them are approved by the International Marine Organization, we, the boat owners must make sure that the equipment we purchase for our boat meets the criteria.  It is better be safe and sometimes pay a little more for the approved equipments. I hope the follo [...]

The immersion Suit CAN Save your life...

The immersion Suit CAN Save your life from Hypothermia!!!
Is mandatory to have a immersion suit, for sailors, for oil rigs but if you have a boat you should have at least two immersion suits and some of the Thermal Protective Aid, Survival Bag. Also this is some items that must have with your suit. • A whistle on a lanyard to permit the wearer to signal for help • An emergency strobe light beacon wi [...]

Preventing Boat Theft!

Preventing Boat Theft!
Across the nation, as recreational boating continues to gain popularity, more and more boats, trailers, equipment, electronics and personal items are stolen each year. Most of these crimes are committed by amateurs who, when tempted with an easy opportunity, can’t resist the temptation. Remember the old adage that locks ar [...]

Tampa Bay Boat Show!

Tampa Bay Boat Show!
15 days until Tampa Boat Show 2010! General admission tickets: Adults: 16 years and up $9.00 ($7.00 prior to September 10, 2010) Kids ages 15 and younger FREE when accompanied by an adult Your ticket includes a one-year subscription to Yachting, Motor Boating, Cruising World, Caribbean Life & Travel or Windsu [...]

Green Boating Tips

Green Boating Tips
Looking for ways to be more eco-friendly when you’re out on the water? Following are tips and information that will help you minimize your impact on the environment while maximizing the efficiency and performance of your boat. To order new parts and accessories, visit for unbeatable price. 1. Choose Green Produ [...]

C-pod Security & Boat Management...

C-pod Security & Boat Management System
Boat Owners MUST HAVE!!! C-pod establishes a 300′ GeoFence around your boat and protects it from intrusion and theft, while monitoring your boats battery level . C-pod uses GPS & cellular communication to give you instant up to date information regarding your boat. C-pod is easy to install, and activation is a simple as sending y [...]

Top 10 most searched marine products ...

Top 10 most searched marine products on the internet!
- Racor S3227 Replacement Element – Racor S3240 Replacement Element – MN Dual-Function Single-Lever Control Top Mount – Jet Logic Ul-I Ultimate Lanyard, Purple/Yellow, for PWCs – Racor 120R-RAC-01 Spin on Gasoline Filter/Water Separator – Safegard Type I Commercial Vest 198RT – Safegard Type I Commercial Ve [...]

Affordable Boating!

Affordable Boating!
Think you can’t afford a boat? Think again!’s “Budget Planner” shows you how buying a boat costs less than participating in many other popular family leisure activities Did you ever want to buy a boat, but decided against it because you thought it was too expensive? Well, perhaps it’s time to reconsider. As it turns out, b [...]